Crab Shack On The Beach


Fresh from their own boats, delivered direct to your table

Their boats, named 'La Vagabonde Des Mer' & 'The Royal Escape', fish off the fast tidal waters in the English channel. They are called a 'vivier boat' which is french for 'live holding tank'. The centre of the boats are full of water, enabling them to keep the crabs and lobsters alive.

Crab, Spider Crab and Lobster are not a precious stock species, therefore they’re not quotered like other fish stocks. However, at The Crab Shack and Crab Shack Deli they are fully committed to managing them properly in order for their methods to continue to be a sustainable fishery.

The process of catching the crabs is a very environmentally friendly procedure. They lay baited pots on the seabed not harming the corals or bed itself. They only select the best quality crab and lobster and return the remainder back to the sea alive.


  • 3 Queen Street, Back Beach
  • Teignmouth
  • Devon
  • TQ14 8BY