Fishcombe Cove


Fishcombe Cove, located near Brixham on the South Devon coast, is a secluded and unspoiled gem that offers a tranquil escape for beachgoers. Accessible by a scenic coastal walk on the South West Coast Path, or even by boat, this hidden cove welcomes visitors with its pristine sandy beach and crystal-clear waters.

Surrounded by verdant cliffs, Fishcombe Cove provides a sense of seclusion and privacy, making it an ideal spot for relaxation and unwinding. The sheltered nature of the cove also creates calm waters, perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the abundance of wildlife, from seabirds soaring above to occasional sightings of playful seals in the water. Exploring the nearby woodlands adds to the allure, making the cove a delightful destination for nature lovers.

A path leads to a charming café where visitors can enjoy refreshments and take in the breath-taking sea views. For those seeking a serene and unspoiled coastal experience near Brixham, Fishcombe Cove promises a peaceful retreat amid nature's beauty.


  • Fishcombe Cove
  • Brixham
  • Devon
  • TQ5 8RU