The Daymark


The Daymark is a distinctive tower located on the south coast of Devon. Standing at a height of 24 meters, the tower is a landmark that can be seen from miles away. It is situated on a cliff-top on the outskirts of the village of Kingswear, overlooking the River Dart and the nearby town of Dartmouth.

The Daymark was built in 1864 as a navigational aid for ships navigating the hazardous waters of the English Channel. The tower was originally painted white and red, but was later repainted to its current striking black and white striped design. Its location and unique design made it an ideal marker for ships navigating the treacherous waters around the coastline.

The tower is accessible by car and public transport. There is a small car park located near the tower, which has a donation box. The nearest town, Kingswear, is just a short drive away and has regular bus services to the area. The tower can also be reached by foot, with a scenic coastal path leading up to it from Kingswear.

There is no admission fee to visit the Daymark, making it an ideal destination for families and tourists on a budget.

Its history as a navigational aid provides a fascinating glimpse into the region's maritime past. 

The Daymark is walkable from nearby National Trust Coleton Fishacre.


  • Brownstone Car Park
  • Kingswear
  • Dartmouth
  • TQ6 0EQ