Exeter Farmers Market

Event Date: Every Thursday, Exeter Farmers Market

Come to Exeter and sample the best Westcountry foods. Try and buy a wide range of produce at the Exeter Farmers Market.

Customers visiting the market have the opportunity to buy a delicious range of foods such as cheeses, venison, pork, lamb, beef, chicken, organic fruit & vegetables, chillies, apple juice, fish, chicken, preserves, cakes, bread, pies and much more.

The Exeter Farmers Market has been established in order to give local producers of fruit, vegetables and foodstuffs, as well as a limited range of craft and products made locally with local materials, a new retail outlet that enables them to sell direct to the public. The market has become a vibrant and enjoyable place to buy and sell, giving the producer a chance to meet and talk directly to the consumer of the produce that they grow or make.

Exeter Farmers Market runs every Thursday throughout the year on the junction of South Street and Fore Street, 9.00am to 1.00pm.


  • Exeter Farmers Market
  • Fore Street / South Street
  • Exeter
  • Devon
  • EX4 3HR


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