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Haytor is one of the most popular tourist attractions and hiking locations in Dartmoor, a national park in Devon. This granite tor rises up to 457m above sea level and provides breathtaking views of the surrounding moorland.

Haytor is a popular spot for hikers and walkers, with several trails leading up to the top of the tor. The hike to the top is challenging but rewarding, and the views from the top are absolutely stunning. The location is also popular for rock climbing, with a number of challenging routes available for experienced climbers.

For those who are less inclined to climb, there are several walking trails around the tor that offer a more relaxed experience. The area is also rich in history and visitors can explore the ruins of ancient settlements that date back to the Bronze Age.

Aside from hiking and exploring the historical sites, Haytor is also a great location for a picnic or a family day out. With its breathtaking views, rich history, and challenging hiking trails, Haytor is a must-visit destination for anyone visiting Dartmoor.

Visitors to Haytor are also likely to come across Dartmoor ponies grazing in the surrounding fields, adding to the charm of the Dartmoor experience.


  • Haytor Vale
  • Newton Abbot
  • Devon
  • TQ13 9XS