A team of culinary experts has curated an enticing array of Mediterranean dishes that cater to a wide range of tastes. This gastronomic journey celebrates the cuisines of Italy, Spain, the French Riviera, Morocco, and Greece. Guests are sure to discover something delectable to sample or share.

Hannah Black, the Executive Chef, and her skilled team have drawn inspiration from their Mediterranean adventures, sampling local fare from various regions and dining at renowned restaurants. They've blended authentic cooking methods with cherished memories to craft these dishes. Alongside popular favourites, you'll also find unique twists on classic recipes, using both authentic ingredients and locally sourced produce. The result is a tantalizing menu meant for sharing, enjoying, and pairing with a selection of nearly 100 world wines, including 16 that rotate regularly and can be sampled via the Enomatic Wine Machines.

The menu features an extensive array of small plates. For those looking to create a meal, it's recommended to select around four or five small plates. If you opt for a main or a sharing dish, one or two small plates will serve as the perfect starter. You have the freedom to order as much or as little as you desire. The dining experience is casual and unhurried. Dishes will be served as they are cooked and prepared, arriving at your table at different intervals. This allows you to try each dish individually or enjoy a few at a time, savouring each delightful bite before making room for more culinary delights.


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