Tamarind Tree


Indian flavours have been at home in the British food scene for over 100 years, with people making their family recipes in takeaways, restaurants and now pubs up and down the UK, making Indian cuisine one of the country’s favourites.

Our family first started in Gujarat, before moving to East Africa then arriving to UK in the 70’s. Along the way all were nourished by the humble yet meticulously prepared cooking of mothers and grandmothers that continues to influence the dishes we bring to your table.

From street food to the finest hotels in India, late night chicken tikka after the pub, the mass of dishes cooked by every aunt at Diwali or mung bean samosas in Mombasa, the food of India can be found almost everywhere - showing off its range and giving that sense of familiarity with every bite.

Tamarind Tree was started to bring together our experiences of food, cooking and place along our family journey whilst being being true to what we do; bold, fresh and unique flavours, great produce and the very best spices from India.


  • 87 High Street
  • Totnes
  • Devon
  • TQ9 5PB


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