The Golden Lion


The Golden Lion is a must-visit pub for tourists exploring the coastal town of Brixham in Devon. On New Road, this charming establishment offers a warm and inviting ambiance that perfectly captures the town's maritime heritage.

The pub's exterior exudes traditional charm, with a quaint facade adorned with hanging baskets, while the interior showcases a delightful blend of modern comfort and classic decor. 

One of the Golden Lion's main draws is its outstanding menu, featuring a mouth watering selection of freshly caught seafood and other British favourites. From the classic fish and chips, made with locally sourced fish, to delectable seafood platters, every dish is prepared with great care and attention to detail. For those seeking vegetarian or meat options, the pub offers a variety of equally delicious choices.

Accompanying the delicious meals is an extensive drinks menu, boasting an impressive selection of local ales, craft beers, and fine wines. Whether you're a beer enthusiast or a wine connoisseur, the Golden Lion has something to please every palate.

In addition to its delightful dining experience, the pub also hosts live music events and themed nights, adding to the vibrant and lively atmosphere. This makes it a popular spot for both tourists and locals alike to gather, socialize, and enjoy the evening's entertainment.

With its town centre location, delectable cuisine, and welcoming ambiance, the Golden Lion is a fantastic destination for tourists looking to immerse themselves in the true spirit of Brixham while savouring the finest flavours the town has to offer.

The Golden Lion a family pub and your dog is part of the family! Bring your dog in (selected areas) and you'll find treats on the bar waiting.


  • 65 New Road
  • Brixham
  • Devon
  • TQ5 8NL


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