Burgh Island

Bigbury-on-Sea, Kingsbridge


Burgh Island is a captivating destination known for its sea tractor access, luxury hotel, historic pub, and picturesque sandy beach, offering visitors a memorable coastal escape.

When the tide is in Burgh Island is accessible by the iconic sea tractor, a unique vehicle that transports visitors across the tidal causeway, the island promises an unforgettable experience.

Burgh Island is renowned for its luxury hotel, a splendid Art Deco gem that has hosted illustrious guests throughout history. Stepping back in time, guests can immerse themselves in the island's glamorous past while enjoying modern comforts and impeccable service.

The island's historic pub, The Pilchard Inn, offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where visitors can savour local delicacies and drinks while soaking in stunning coastal views.

The sandy beach that links Burgh Island completes the picture-perfect scene. With its golden shores and crystal-clear waters, it's an ideal spot for relaxation and beachcombing. Whether indulging in the island's luxury offerings or embracing its natural beauty, Burgh Island promises an unforgettable coastal escape.

Park at Bigbury-on-Sea


  • Bigbury-on-Sea Car Park
  • Bigbury-on-Sea, Kingsbridge
  • Devon
  • TQ7 4AS